The best organizations in the world are those that realize the value of and invest in training their employees, as a constant endeavour. Especially in the field of healthcare – where pharma companies have to deal with the complex & dynamic regulations across regions of their operations and guidelines that keep changing to stay current at all times; it is highly imperative to respond to the training needs of the employees of the organization in a timely manner. This not only ensures that the organization as a whole is in compliance with the current GXPs, but also brings in a level of confidence to the employees about their individual knowledge levels addressing the challenging needs of their respective roles. We at Deeksha-Consulting, recognize this crucial aspect of employee management for pharma and healthcare organizations, by offering customized & tailor-made training programs on:

  1. Drug Development and Clinical Research – for all departments (not only clinical operations / clinical research)
  2. ICH-GCP (R2)
  3. Schedule Y requirements & New CT Rules 2019
  4. Clinical Trials – phases and stakeholders
  5. Different aspects & management of clinical trials

Specializing in technical training is a forte-domain. But we also realize the importance of other associated interventions in organizational development and offer some unique OD initiatives such as –

  • Executive Coaching & Mentoring
  • Leadership training
  • Communication & Soft-skills training

These trainings are designed to be industry / domain-relevant

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