The world today is increasingly depending on technology and healthcare as a sector has a huge scope for its implementation.  Deeksha-Consulting is a pioneer that aims to bring cutting edge and new-age technology, leveraging on the ‘Make In India’ initiative in the following fields:

  1. Heart-rate variability: Chronovisor® HRV & Tele-HRV®

72 million patients of diabetes in India, estimated to be 98 million by 2030

Global figure 422 million in 2014, estimated to double in 20 years

60% diabetics die of cardiovascular events, mostly ‘silent’ heart attacks

Chronovisor® HRV & Tele-HRV® developed as non-invasive predictive medicine technologies with Gold standard HRV analysis at their core by harnessing the power of complex mathematics of time series analysis. These are highly scalable & affordable – ready for mass application, that aim to address the risk of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) as a screening tool, prevent autonomic dysfunction as a diagnostic tool, limit morbidity / prevent mortality.

These technologies are also suitable for a diverse range of academic/research and clinical applications in various domains:

  • Exercise and sports physiology
  • Chrono-physiology
  • High altitude physiology / aviation medicine
  • Pharmacology (Chrono-pharmacology studies)
  • Clinical medicine and neurology– advanced ANS assessment (e.g. diabetic neuropathy, orthostatic hypotension, etc.)
  • Cardiology / Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Anesthesiology, and Obst. Gynecology

2. Geriatric care: emergency management

Currently in concept-stage and working to develop a wearable technology specifically for the geriatric population that helps to access medical / paramedical help in a matter of few minutes, especially in emergency situations. The aim of this technology is to keep it minimalistic yet wearable (conforming to cultural sensitivities), requiring very little maintenance (charging once a week or month), durable (water-proof, stain & oil-resistant) but most importantly – send critical alerts (such as location, severity, movement-impairment) and cut-down the time taken for first responders & care-givers. This technology can also be extended to keep track of or monitor timely medications, exercise / activities, regular follow-ups, etc. in geriatric & assisted-living populations. We realise that these are still early days and there are miles to go. However, these nascent technologies and their fields are of monumental magnitude to overall humankind in the years to come – both in India and globally