Clinical Research Consulting

From clinical site monitoring to site management, we have a host of services on offer. Find out how we can help your organization in conducting ethical & high-quality clinical trials. Not just conduct, we can help you a lot more in this dimension.

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Clinical Project Management

Each project is unique and hence needs a customized, clearly-planned approach to manage & execute well. Find out how we can help you with our turn-key project management services for your clinical trials.

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CRO Oversight

Have you every wondered if the data you are receiving from the CRO you have outsourced your projects to, is actually giving you the real picture? Partner with us to get the actual, complete and relevant information on the progress of your studies.

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Our Auxiliary Services

The best organizations in the world are those that realize the value of and invest in training their employees, as a constant endeavor. We can help your organization’s training needs.

If you are interested in adopting the latest & cutting-edge, non-invasive, predictive medicine technology that helps in preventing heart attacks (especially in diabetics) or if you are looking for an idea in the wearable-space for the elderly that alerts caregivers within moments of an emergency… Deeksha-Consulting is here with solutions!

Training & OD Interventions

Especially in the field of healthcare – where pharma companies have to deal with the complex & dynamic regulations across regions of their operations and guidelines that keep changing to stay current at all times; it is highly imperative to respond to the training needs of the employees of the organization in a timely manner.

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Emerging Healthcare Technology

The world today is increasingly depending on technology and healthcare as a sector has a huge scope for its implementation.

Deeksha-Consulting is a pioneer that aims to bring cutting edge and new-age technology, leveraging on the ‘Make In India’ initiative in the “Heart-Rate Variability (HRV)” and Geriatric care – emergency management

Do you know exactly what you want?

If not, don’t worry – partner with Deeksha-Consulting to implement customized solutions guaranteed to address your needs!